This document should be your first port of call in troubleshooting any issues with your ClickHome System. There are often multiple ClickHome Services; this guide will show you how to check the main services and how to restart them if required. It is likely the first time you attempt this you’ll need to consult with your IT provider.

The first step is to load the remote desktop application via the start menu. Click on your start menu icon and then click into the dialog box. You’ll then need to type mstsc for your computer to locate your Remote Desktop Application. Select mstsc.exe to continue to the next step.




The information for this next step will depend on your environment. In the Remote Desktop Application that loads you’ll need to enter the name/location of your Application/IIS Server. This can be obtained from your IT provider and you’ll probably need the administrator user account details.


Once you’re onto your application server you’ll need to once again visit the start menu, however via the Remote Desktop session. Please remember it’s quite easy to get confused here between your Local Computers Start Menu and the Start Menu on the Remote PC. Click into the dialog box and type services.msc and hit enter. This will load the Services Console, a snippet is shown below.



You’ll be looking for ClickHome services and the naming convention can vary from site to site. You’ll need to restart/start all of the production services. To restart/start a service right click on the service name and select start if the service is already stopped or restart. There 3 naming exsamples given above however; your server might have the slightly different naming.