1. Locate the path where ClickHome2 service is configured. 

From your web server's command prompt, open services window. Select the service and check the properties for the path



2. Navigate to the path to copy the files of ClickHome2 Construction Service. Copy the whole folder ( eg: constructionclickhomeservice) to a desired location on your new server or existing server

   If configuring it on new Server, it requires IIS to be installed on that server. Install ClickHome Prequisites and then create a instance of ClickHome service 


3. Once you copy the files to desired location on your new server / existing server, locate the file CLickHomeWindowsService.exe.config


4. Verify the connection strings in the Windows service configuration file

 Database name will your ClickHome Construction database
 Server: Please specify name of your SQL Server 
 ClickHome.Web.BuilderName  will be name of your company as specified in license file clickhome.lic
5. Verify the connection strings in the Install service configuration file. locate the file installUtil.exe.config and input the connection strings


6. Once you have verified all the configuration settings are correct, locate the file install.cmd and double click to execute the file. This will install ClickHome2 service to the service window. 


7. Open services windows and verify if the ClickHome2 is shown in the window. 

8. Right click properties of the ClickHome Service from the services window and select Startup type as "Automatic"

9. Start the service. If the service starts successfully without any errors , the setup is all good. If you encounter any errors, please recheck the configuration settings done in Step 4 and try restarting the service again.