Mobile Leads Enhancements

Improved search performance on Mobile leads.

Tenders Enhancements

In MobileLeads > Tenders, we have added a filter so that the user can view all selected items (items with a qty greater than 1) which filters out all other items.
In Silverlight > Admin > Tenders, the package and option details tabs now display the name of the package or option that is being viewed.
In Silverlight > Admin > Tenders, the options and packages can be given a negative price value when setting them up if required.

Maintenance Enhancements

The following changes are implemented in the Maintenance screens;

- The ability to choose the correct client (using related clients) whilst creating Maintenance jobs.

- The ability to update the client for Maintenance jobs.

- The client on the last Maintenance job will be displayed on the maintenance header.

- The original roles will be shown on the Maintenance header (Supervisor, Estimator, Scheduler etc).

The ability to add extra task notes for a maintenance task.

From the task overview screen, the note icon is added to denote there are multiple notes added.
The ability to see and create requisitions for Maintenance jobs.

The ability to navigate from Maintenance requisition screen to the Approval screen.

MyHome Enhancements

Improved the speed of displaying images in MyHome.

General Enhancements

The ability to view Maintenance jobs in the Subordinate list.
Improved the way in which push notification errors are logged. If the device fails to send a notification 3 times, we mark the device as inactive. The device is marked active when the user logs into the app again. This will stop all unnecessary error logs whilst a push notification is being sent.
Ability to modify the cost code field in the requisition screen. The selection type for cost code can be a list, a textbox or both.
For more info, click here.

Please note, this feature will be available on iPad version 3.10 onwards.
Added extra types to related client links. 

New Owner 
Original Owner 
Property Manager 
Insurance Company
Ability to add mobile phone numbers for contact 1 and 2 in related client screen.

Ability to copy lot address from the header in Construction.
Consistent naming and functionality for resource codes in all screens.
We are now showing the resource code followed by its description on all screens.
Improved performance on client search functionality.



Non-working days were not considered for baseline and forecast calculation if the non-working day was entered 6 months in advance.
Fixed issue for document categories not getting displayed in documents screen.
Whilst adding user settings, inactive settings were appearing in the drop-down list, this duplicated rows in User settings. This is now fixed.
Fixed issue for duplicate stop days being added when job status was changed to stopped.
Fixed issue for meetings linked to the contract which were not displaying in users personal calendar.
Tasks with duration = 0 used to be highlighted as overdue. This is now fixed, all the tasks with duration = 0 go to Active status in MyTasks.
When a custom task is added from the iPad, the stage value used to set to 0. This is now fixed.
Bug fixed to display only active notes topics.
If supervisor A is assigned for PCI phase 1 inspection but supervisor B completes phase 1, on completion it still shows that supervisor A has completed the inspection. This is now fixed.
Fixed issue for subordinate users being removed from the list when the user who created the subordinate is disabled.
Fixed issue for updating Mobile, Home and Work numbers from Silverlight to update on the iPad on sync.
In te Template Item Link tasks screen, the incorrect values for Delta Days, Lead Time and Duration was shown. This is now fixed.   
Fixed bug with reports that have multiple default parameters |A|A|A|A|
Updating of virtual suppliers used to not update the suppliers on the task. This is now fixed.
Eg: If a task is assigned to the contract admin (virtual supplier) of the job and then we change the contract admin user, this used to not update the supplier of the task. 


Bug in Tenders Packages where the 'Allow other packages' setting wasn't being correctly applied. This is working correctly now.
Business units that were set up in tenders weren't being correctly displayed in house type packages or in tenders. This has been fixed and now the User / Lead will only see the packages available for that business unit when they are creating tenders.
Users couldn't delete items added to a custom option previously, they would have to delete the whole custom option. This has been fixed now and individual items can be removed from a custom option.
In Silverlight, the Tender Option Quantities were not being saved correctly for the unallocated areas. 
This has been fixed. Now the areas tab and the total qty in pane 2 will be the same and if the user changes the total to less than the area allocated total, an error will appear so that the area allocations are not lost.
The ordering of options within a package wasn't being displayed in the tender correctly, it is working now.
In MobileLeads > Tenders, without doing changes to custom options the screen would prompt the user to save, it is no longer doing this.
In Silverlight > Admin > Tenders the package and option category screens were displaying the primary categories as IDs, not text, this has been fixed.
The inclusions packages which can be added to a house type as a default package were not displaying correctly without an expiry date, this rule has been removed now and the package will show correctly even if there is no expiry date.
Options can be linked to specific house types, this setting was not working and the options were being displayed against all house types, this has been fixed and now if the option is only for certain house types it will only be displayed in the tender for that house type.
The popup box in MobileLeads > Tenders > Options was being cut off after a new release of ClickHome was installed. The user previously had to clear the cache, now it works without doing this.
Variation signatures were appearing in the Photos section of MyHome. This is now fixed.
There was an issue with a 1 bedroom house type not appearing when users were adding a tender and searching for house types.
1 bedroom is now included in the filter on the right and ticked on by default.

Mobile Leads:

Updating of a lot address in MobileLeads used to not update the address in the lead details screen. This is now fixed.
When lots of characters are entered in a flex field for a note type from Silverlight, this used to truncate the notes in Mobile Leads. This is fixed.
A few of the icons in MobileLeads were not displaying in IE and Firefox browsers. This is now fixed.
Fixed the issue for sales manager dashboard to display correctly in MobileLeads.
Fixed the issue for flex fields used on multiple tasks, it used to reset the values to NULL.


Fixed issue for MyHome API: clickhome.myhome/v2/notes to differentiate notes from a user and client.
Forgot password feature in MyHome doesn't allow to change the password. This is now fixed.
Fixed register interest error in MyHome.