This version introduces new screens and requires a rebuild after Upgrade.


  • New module: Maintenance - issue scheduler lists and maintenance acknowledgement screen.

1. To create issues and tasks go to the 'Issue Scheduler List':

2. To sign off issues, go to 'Acknowledgements':

The 'Maintenance Acknowledgement' screen will display all the issues to be signed off for each job. 

Select the issues to be signed off, add your name and signature then click 'Save Acknowledgements'. 

A quick tutorial on how to create Maintenance issues and create tasks from issues can be accessed here:

  • PCI Inspection module: The Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is a special type of inspection that allows the Supervisor to create adhoc defects and capture sign off for these issues.

    To access more info on PCI inspections, click here

  • New Feature: Reminders: we can now add reminders in the Tablet manager.
    This feature will be useful for the supervisors if they want to remind themselves to work on a specific task/issue/inspection later on.

    To access more info on reminders click here.