Release Notes - ClickHome iPad - Version 3.9.17
Note: After installing this version, please do a rebuild followed by a sync. 


Ability to navigate to requisitions screen from supplier lists. This allows you to check the requisitions assigned to the specific suppliers.

Ability to view all the custom roles assigned to the jobs. This includes scheduler, estimator, senior supervisor, construction managers, sales managers, contract administrator, client liaison etc.

Added a warning note in contract scheduler to manually schedule tasks that have a gold note (supervisor notes).

Ability to remember job filter selection on job list after sync. The last selected job filter will be saved.

Better highlighting of Key Tasks.

We have changed the screen UI for discussion/notes screen on iPad. This will allow supervisors to send notes to MyHome, JobFile and also to the specific users assigned to the job.

Inspection photo titles are now having a descriptive title saved.

Stage name now shows up whilst creating a custom task

Added in an alert to rebuild whenever there is an upgrade performed. This will allow you to sync once after the upgrade if there are any pending sync items. After which you must do a rebuild followed by a sync.
Improved the way of showing client name in the job list.

We have improvised calculations for suggested dates in rescheduling tasks. Suggested dates now suggest movement as per main/key task movement eg: If a task is rescheduled from 1/1 to 3/1 (2 days) suggested times for other items is a 2-day movement.

Below example is for a task rescheduled for 6 working days.

Bug fixes

Notes counter used to not update for new notes on sync. This is now fixed.
Change resource code feature to display the description of the resource code. Earlier once you change the resource code and sync, this used to not show the resource code description. This is now fixed.
Fixed issue for tasks duplicated in stage view when a new task is created from issue scheduler.
Fixed issue for maintenance job counters to update for new jobs.
Fixed issue for Inspection photos which was storing as low quality/size even though the best quality was selected in the user settings.
Fixed issue for the calendar on iPad was not loading tasks when Supervisor status was set to "All Supervisors".
Supervisor's email address was shown for tasks which are assigned to 'follow-on' suppliers. This is now fixed.
If a maintenance job is from a Project module then these jobs were are not shown on iPad. This has been fixed.
Whenever we added a requisition, this used to add a requisition document on iPad. Requisition review documents are now not shown in documents screen.