We have improved search performance in Mobile leads in our hotfix version -

Some enhancements for MyHome are only available in combination with MyHome for Wordpress 1.62

This version introduces the following new security permissions:

2733 - Spec Sales Allow Multiple Commitments

2753 - Lost Commitment 

2732 - Uncommit Buy From Contract

2730 - Contract Sales Buy FromContract 

Spec Sales Enhancements

We are proud to introduce Spec Sales for Mobile Leads, allowing you to quickly see your stocklist and Purchase your Specs or Land, keeping everyone in the loop about stock availability.

Spec Sales displays details on double click of land in shortlist now. Tender information and documentation, as well as other details, are now available.
Ability to allow multiple commitments for a single lead in spec sales using new op code (SpecSalesAllowMultipleCommitments - 2733)
New functionality to remove sales interests or commitments in both Silverlight and MobileLeads.
A new operation code is required for MobileLeads to work; LostCommitment = 2753

If a spec sale is a land contract with status 'not for sale' and preconstruction contract with status 'for sale' then when the lead commits to buy the sale is processed automatically.

Mobile Leads Enhancements

Reminders in Mobile leads now display prospect name.

Added the ability to remove a commitment from MobileLeads Spec Sales if the user has the opcode: 2732: Contract Sales Un Commit Buy From Contract
Ability to add a reminder for yourself and others while creating a note. Please check the video below:


Also added ability to add sticky notes in Mobile Leads. Please check the video below:

Improved the performance of the house type list in MobileLeads > Tenders. Can search and find house types easily now when adding a tender.
New functionality to search in MobileLeads > Tenders for packages and options. Category of option or package is also indicated in search results.

New feature in MobileLeads > Tenders: Custom options can now be added with area allocation of quantities

Spec Sales is a new module introduced to MobileLeads.

There is now functionality to hide the included options in MobileLeads so that the user won't see them if they don't want to. The setting is applied per user login and remains set to what was last chosen.

Fixed Milestone Pipe view to be displayed in order

MyHome Enhancements

Below Improvements are compatible with MyHome for Wordpress 1.62

CA-3077, CA-3132
Improvements made to MyHome Variations page including; Date variation created, Approved and Rejection Stamps with a date. Variations in MyHome now display a stamp for client approved or rejected with the approved date as well as a created date.

Improvements made to variations in MyHome including;
- Draft variations will not be displayed to the client
- Variations will be ordered by the newest at the top of the page
- Variations will only display the signature and approval stamp if the client approved the variation in MyHome
- Variations will be greyed out slightly if they are rejected but they will still appear for reference.

General Enhancements

Added the ability to send activity reports to the manager of the supervisor who scheduled the task using senior supervisor role.

Traffic - Added date/time stamp column to traffic history table.

Maintenance Configuration - Added the ability to delete resource codes linked to the Issue Categories.


Template Configuration - We now have an improved way to add and change templates, we no longer allow changes to be committed on a per item basis as it caused too many issues when this was forgotten. We now allow you to make changes to existing jobs in bulk by applying the changes on a template by template basis. You can apply it based on last changes in a specific time range.

Acces Restriction - Only when a ClickHome user is logged into the system, will they be able to access the licence page.
Backend Logic - Implemented automated spec sales process via back end job. Spec Sales - ContractSalesBuyFromContract = 2730 - Allowing integration to commit a sale.



Fixed issue for users to view subordinate tasks which are assigned to an allocated virtual supplier.
New suppliers are now displayed on requisition supplier lists after a sync.
Land Sales Commitments and Interests which have been removed are no longer being displayed in the User Interface.
Documents now download and save as per document title.
Requisition reports were created in documents when creating a Requisition.
Unable to view the documents when uploaded using groveller.
Fixed issue where users were unable to view inspection reports from the job.
If the documents were from a preconstruction or lead job, these were unavailable on a construction job.
Documents for L and P jobs that match conditions will be available on the iPad after rebuilding.
This will produce a lot more docs on the iPad, make sure to check your document category setup. iOS version 3.8 or above will download documents much faster.
Fixed issue where users were unable to delete Maintenance tasks. Only the unscheduled optional tasks will be allowed to delete.
Fixed issue for report instructions not getting displayed in emailed user reports
Fixed issue for linking a supplier to a maintenance task fails via drag and drop feature from task history.
Fixed issue where activity report back-end jobs were not getting cleared out after processing. As a result whilst restarting the windows service the status of these BEJ's were changing from BUSY to READY and hence duplicate activity reports were being sent to the users.
Fixed issue for 1051 BEJ errors.
Inspection photos are now added to 'Inspection Photo' document category.


Custom options in Silverlight UI fixed so that the page isn't flickering when moving between new and already created custom options.
Tender Configuration - The business units weren't saving correctly in Silverlight against the tender package setup.
House type search wasn't working if the house types were all set to sales rating of 'no restriction'.
In MobileLeads > Tenders > Custom Options quantities can now be allocated to areas.
Package Categories in MobileLeads will now appear in the correct order as per configuration
If a package category has been deleted it will not appear in the list of package categories in the navigation tree on the left anymore.

Package pricing can now be overridden in MobileLeads if the setting to override is applied in:  Admin > Tenders > Packages > 'Is Overridable'
Variations now also have the move between buttons for 'edit' and 'estimator review' like the contract page does.

Mobile Leads:

Fixed issue for leads title not displaying
Fixed issue for duplicate leads not detected when the same phone number is entered with spaces eg 04 1234 5678 vs 0412345678