Important Notes

  • This version implements a new approvals process for requisitions (and more in the future) and requires configuration of the Approvals process as it is now integral to the Requisition process.
  • Do not upgrade to this version without discussing this with your consultant or the support team.

This version introduces following new opcodes:

15300 - Generate Approval for Requisition

15400 - Save Own Approval

15401 - View ApprovalsĀ 



Requisitions can be Approved/rejected or escalated from iPad. This feature is available in the next release of iPad version - 3.7.23 and above. To configure this please click here.



Fixed issue where Tasks used to get completed multiple times when set for Autocomplete. This used to have an impact on Activity reports been sent multiple times if configured to be sent on completion of the task.
Fixed issue where Call-ups were going out from standard email account instead of supervisors email account.
Fixed issue for task remains unplanned and the user is unable to accept the task if the task is assigned to a custom allocation virtual supplier and set for auto schedule.
Fixed issue for documents downloaded on rebuild did not double check Security Permissions on Contracts.


The house pricing has been fixed so it will now use the calculated price if there is no override price however if there is an override price this will be used.
Issue fixed for tender option pricing, an override sell total can now be added without adding a cost price.
In the tender packages setup screen, the houses section will be disabled if the all house types check box is selected to eliminate any confusion.
The order of the option and package categories has now been fixed so it displays correctly in MobileLeads.
The package order is by view type, order then alphabetically by name. The option order is just by order then alphabetically by name.

Mobile Leads:

Whilst making selections in tenders, the quantities are now able to be saved when typed in instead of using the +/- buttons.


Fixed issue for 1512 Backend jobs which were getting stuck and preventing messages from being sent.