Ability to send Inspection Report upon Successful completion. To configure this, go to the Inspection template and change the Post Inspection Actions.Please make sure the master report special report type field is set to 2 (inspecialreport = 2) for the Inspection Report.

prcCustomReloadPOsForContract is now only called when clicked on Rerun PO load under management node.
If Active Directory is enabled - then the user's password will not be saved.
Added the ability to display the tasks in colour - consolidated list and the subordinate task list.
Pink – the task is overdue. 
Green – the task has been accepted, is active and is not overdue.

Added the ability to sort the project jobs.

Added a filter for Inspection name.

Ability to add a New Job using a Project Template without manually ticking the checkbox for project job on Job creation screen.

On Job creation screen, if the project template is chosen then Is project checkbox is automatically ticked to create project jobs.

Setup the template as the project type.


There is now a sales star rating that can be applied to a house type on the details page implemented in the previous release.

To configure this, Go To Administration > Build configuration > Housetypes > select the house type > Add in Sales star rating

Variations can now be viewed from within the contract. 
A subtotal of the contract without the variations is also included. 
Rejected variations can be viewed however their value is not included in the draft or approved variations values.

In the edit tender screen if you click on an item in the variation grid (in pane 1) it will navigate to that selection in pane 2 and display the details in pane 3.

The variations can now be viewed in an expandable grid underneath the contract using the filter on the top right 'Show variation in the nested form of tender'. Then underneath each of the variations, the notes can be viewed in another expandable grid.

The tenders screen now has the ability to view selections by category and by area. This view is changed via the pricing and structure tab in pane 1. Once selected it will provide a list of categories or areas as tabs in pane 2 which can be used to filter the selections.
The configuration of areas can be done in the house type details screen as well as the packages setup screen, detailed information will be available in the support articles.

Ticking the checkbox 'Show package and option full text' in pane 1 on the right makes the 'Name' column in the options and packages of pane 2 appear over several lines instead of being cut off.

The tender status can now be moved from 'Accepted' to 'Locked' after approved by the Estimator. 
Additionally, there is now a button to switch between edit and estimator review screens: 'move to tender edit screen' or 'move to tender estimation screen'. To configure this, use op code '12406'.

New custom procedure can be used to generate customisable warnings if there are any requirements which are not met when the tender is saved so that user will know what is required for updating the status. This custom procedure can be used to prompt the user when they try to change the status of the tender - 'prcCustomTenderValidation'
The new operation code (12205) which provides users with access to change the level of the house type from Stock Standard Plan to modified, customised or Standard Plan. 

Updated pricing configuration and calculations for the tenders screen, the options setup and package setup screens as well as the house types setup. 
If a field is calculated you can see this calculation by hovering over the amount, the calculated fields are also clearly visible as coloured deep blue.

Colours can now be selected against options on the tenders screen. This requires the setup of the colours in tblValidationEntries using a keyword e.g. PAINTS. 
The options can then also be viewed by area or category based on the setup of the house type areas and package/option areas.

There is now a customisable stored procedure 'prcCustomTenderInsert' which can be used to automatically select options and packages (which are indicated in the procedure) when a tender is first created.
There is now the ability to upload documents in the tender screen and replace the image of the house that is displayed by default with the new image. 
Document categories need to be considered when doing this.

A new screen for managing Primary Categories in the Admin > Tenders Screen with document upload ability. New columns in the package and option admin screens to assign primary categories.

Custom Options can be created inside custom build ups now via the selection tab in pane 3. The total is calculated in the Custom Extras section of pane 1.

New tab called 'Review Filters' which allows users to filter out various items in the tender including; selected items or quantity greater than 0, items with expired pricing, items which are unavailable, items which require colour, items with override pricing, items which are approved, items which are unapproved

Improvement to the Tender selection approval process. Approvals can now be done in bulk using the summary tab in pane 3 of the tenders screen. Various statuses of the selections will be displayed and colour coded, the user can see the quantities of selections which are in this status 
e.g. "Price Expired" and then they can approve in bulk by clicking on the approve button.

 Tenders packages and options can now be setup to have areas allocated to quantities so these will appear on the tenders screen when users are creating a new tender and the quantities by area can be modified if required with notes added.

Option name can now be edited within the tenders screen and so can the custom option name. If an option is unchecked and the tender is saved the option will remain unchecked.

A setting can be applied to the colour selection so that a warning will appear if a colour is not selected.

There is now a way to add a default option as a substitution which will cause the option to be a must-have a selection.

During the selections process if the user wishes to choose a substitution which is an upgrade to the current selection the difference in cost price will be displayed in pane 1 under 'Upgrade Price' and added to the total house price cost.



Fixed issue for NNI notifications generated upon completion of phase 1 PCI inspection. This, in turn, was adding new notes in the Discussion section of the iPad whenever Issues were created from PCI inspection phase 1.
Fixed issue for Inspection reports to be sent for Notifying central account on Pass or Fail of Inspections. Please make sure the master report special report type field is set to 2 (inspecialreport = 2) for the Inspection Report.
Fixed issue where all the new summary groups were deleted if one of them was marked for deletion before save.
Fixed issue where Job search used to fail after restarting the App pool.
Fixed issue for prcResolveContractReferences procedure to look at correct tables (Referral sources,cpntract point and Display).
Fixed issue where prcCustomContractinsert was not called upon creation of newer contracts via web leads.
Fixed issue for Process triggers was not called on Contract creation.
Fixed issue for task remains unplanned and the user is unable to accept the task if the task is assigned to a custom allocation virtual supplier and set for auto schedule.
The user was only allowed to convert a sticky note to note if the note was created by them. Now, the user will be able to convert the sticky note to note, created by another user.
Fixed issue for scaling not working if the status or supplier is not changing at the same time
Fixed web service error in Trade allocation screen


Fixed this issue where the substitute dropdown list in tender options wasn't loading correctly.
If there is no custom option created at contract status and one is created at variation status the custom option is now displayed after saving.
After adding a custom option and saving, there is no additional amount added.
Fixed issue where user was unable to add tender options with a quantity more than 100 in Mobile Leads
Fixed issue where custom options in tenders used to get recorded as inactive (bstdActive = 0)
Fixed tenders house pricing 
Tender Pricing on MobileLeads and MyHome is now inline with the fixes made on Silverlight. GST is already included in pricing and therefore prices are displayed the same in all three interfaces inclusive of GST.
Fixed a bug that was preventing the selections from saving against a tender in Mobile Leads.
Fixed issue for signatures incorrectly displayed for Tender variations in MyHome.
Copying the tender now copies the areas that are allocated to the selections as well.


Fixed issue for MyHome Stories where past stories were calculated based on estimated start date and instead of the estimated completion date.


PO documents linked to a JobFile task will now be sent to JobFile even if the PO is not in JobFile 
e.g. In the case where the supplier is not assigned on the PO for example.

Mobile Leads:

Fixed issue on Mobile Leads where users were unable to log in on the first attempt.
Fixed issue where users were unable to select the house types from parent business units. The house types are now displayed in Alphabetical order.
Fixed issue for Category not getting updating in Mobile Leads.
Fixed issue where Referral Source dropdown lists were different when compared to Mobile Leads and Silverlight application.