1. Construction Task to Task (CO_TasktoTask.rpt)-

This report provides Job and client information and also the time frame (in days or weeks) in which a job progressed from one task to another.  

Report Area: Main Reports
2. Construction Progress (CO_Progress.rpt)-

The report allows you to see the tasks underway, available or completed on a job by job level based on the selected summary group.

Report Area: Main Reports
3. Progress Claim Forecast (CO_ProgressClaimForecast.rpt)-

This is a progress claim forecast report that estimates based upon forecast dates when progress claim requests will be sent.

Report Area: Main Reports
4. Progress Claim Completed (CO_ProgressClaimCompleted.rpt)-

This is a progress claim report that shows progress claims completed for the last year.

Report Area: Main Reports


5. Supplier Lost Days (CO_SupplierLostDays.rpt)-

This report shows the number of lost days (days between the planned date and the started date) and allows you to provide a dollar figure per day to calculate the cost to the business of these delays

Report Area: Main Reports
6. Construction Call Sheet (CO_WorkItemList.rpt)-

This report will list all of the work items (tasks) associated with the selected job number based on your permissions for the job number.  The report will show details such as task description, assigned supplier, called date, planned date and actual/estimated completion dates.  

It will also show purchase order details associated with the work item.

Report Area: Construction Contract Reports


7. Callup Messages (CallupMessageCH3.rpt)-

This report is used to send the details of a call up to the supplier.  The report can contain only one task or a list of tasks, based on the message settings provided by the supervisor.  The report will include the job and task details to be actioned.

Report Area: External Callup Report
Example: Summary table


Example:  Task has been rescheduled


Example:  Task has been cancelled


8. Callup Summary (CO_DailyMail.rpt)-

This is a daily automated report and is sent out to suppliers.

This report will list the call ups for the user and will include a summary table of all tasks and site addresses with its associated task planned date. The report will also show a listing of messages that has been sent for the previous day and a list of stop jobs for each supervisor in the last 30 days for the reported contracts grouped by the approval status and the job number. 

Report Area: Construction Contract Reports


9. Inspection (JBIS_Details.rpt)-

This report will list the questions and answers associated with a particular inspection.  It will also show associated pictures.

Report Area: Inspection Reports
10. Stop Days Report (CO_StopDays)-

This report shows all stop days grouped by approval status and job contract in a selected date range.The report displays, job number, stop day and reason.

Report Area: Main Reports


11. Construction Contract Overview Report (CO_ContractOverview.rpt)

This reports has different subreports that  shows an overview of the contract job number & lot address .

These are:  

  • Client details- displaying the client name, contact information and housetype

  • Efficiency- displaying the contract value, ,

  • Progress summary- displaying the progress summary group dates ,tasks status i.e. called, not called & late, not called & due, called and confirmed

Report Area: Main Reports


12. Construction Supervisor Overview Report (CO_SupervisorOverview.rpt)

This report provides overview of supervsiors

Report Area: Main Reports


13. Outstanding Inspections Report

Report to list Outstanding Inspections per supervisor and per job with the due date (completion date of the task) and overdue calculation if applicable.

Report Area: Main Reports
14. Construction Full Job Lifecycle (CO_ConstructionLifecycle.rpt)

This Report shows the full lifecycle of all related jobs. This works best if you create a summary group with Milestones from Leads, precon and Construction.

Report Area: Main Reports
Detailed WIP Report