1. Leads Task to Task Report (LD_TasktoTask.rpt) -

This report provides Job and client information and also the time frame (in days or weeks) in which a job progressed from one task to another. 

Report Area: Main Reports


2. Lead Source (LD_LeadSource.rpt) -

This report shows the source of the Leads between the dates chosen when generating the report.

Report Area: Main Reports

Example:  Showing summary only:



Example:  Showing with details:


3. Sales Consultant Performance (LD_SalesConsultantPerf.rpt)-

This report shows a summary of the sales consultant’s performance.  Depending upon your security it will show multiple consultants or just your own figures.

May need to define or modify the definition of columns if different items required by client.

Report Area: Main Reports


4. Active Leads (LD_ActiveLeads.rpt) -

This report is designed for a sales manager/business manager and provides a summary and followed by the leads that make up the summary information between the dates chosen when generating the report.

Report Area: Main Reports


You have the option to show the details of the report grouped by:

  • Sales Consultant (as shown in example below) OR

  • Region OR

  • Date Lead was created


5. Leads No Communication (LD_NoCommunication.rpt) -

This report allows you to select the number of days without communication being recorded for a lead.  You can then choose how many notes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ALL) you want to show.

It enables the user to determine if a lead has gone cold, needs further follow up, or to reassign the lead to another salesperson to try to close.

Report Area: Main Reports


6. Sales Consultant Ranking (LD_SalesConsultantRank.rpt) - 

This report is a summary of the leads with the deposit completed.  It provides a list of the sales consultant leads deposited for the period selected, the average and total amount.  It then graphs these to element showing the top 10.

Report Area: Main Reports


7. Sales Summary (LD_SalesSummary.rpt)

This is a series of graphs to show a summary of sales between the dates chosen when generating the report.  It shows sales consultants, regions, and house types by contract value and number of deposits.

Report Area: Main Reports


8. Display Home Activity (LD_DisplayHomeActivity.rpt)-

This report shows a summary of the activity of each of the selected sales centres (recorded Traffic) between the dates chosen.  It enables a comparison between multiple centres and looking at trends.

Report Area: Main Reports


The report will then also show the sales centre activity per week.


9. Sales Consultant Management (LD_SalesConsultantMngt.rpt)-

This report shows a summary (graph and table) of where the leads for a selected sales consultant progressed in the pipeline.  The leads details are then listed below this summary to see information about the lead such as contact details, completed milestones and any associated notes for the lead.

Report Area: Main Reports
10. Detailed Lead Report (LD_DetailedLead.rpt)-

This report shows the details of the lead(s) chosen including: contact details, tasks and associated flex field answers and any associated notes.

Report Area: Lead Contract Reports