• We have implemented a new configurator. Please contact support to schedule an upgrade. For more info click here. This new version will prompt you to upgrade Crystal Report runtime to 64 bit 13.0.20 version, click yes and proceed with the installation.
  • This version introduces the Land Module which incorporates a new licencing module, for more info on Land click here. Please contact your consultant for more information prior to upgrading.
  • This version introduces standard report deployment, this will automatically overwrite all standard reports with the latest ClickHome standards. If you have customised our standard reports but not renamed the files, we advise you make a backup of all your reports before upgrading to this build.
  • The new Configurator installs our new ClickHome Monitor which tracks usage to help us to provide support, improve the product and assist with scheduling upgrades. Importantly, the system ONLY upgrades after you schedule it, never automatically without your approval.


This version introduces a new security permission 8407 - which allows you to publish a document from ClickHome to MyHome.

we also introduce some new system settings: ClickHome.Reporting.RunDailyStats - To enable the daily stats and ClickHome.Marketing.WebLeadsRSCP - which adds in a referral source for web leads.


We are proud to announce the Land module is now available. 

Having worked closely with a number of clients on the requirements and design of the Land Module since the start of the year, we have now released this module as part of our solution. 

If you want to manage your land acquisition process and have a way of managing the opportunities and risk associated with your land commitments then this module will help you keep close control over this aspect of your business.

The ClickHome Land module provides a way to track all the opportunities and obligations associated with holding land for sale. The key points are:

  • Provide a register of Land that helps manage the opportunities and risks associated with selling Land
  • Track expiry of Put and Call Options, Exclusive access
  • Create multiple packages (House and Land) to provide opportunities for sales and marketing
  • Forecast and track Registration dates of Land to help in planning Preconstruction and contract preparation workflows
  • Maintain accurate details about vendors, developers, solicitors and related parties to assist with planning and communication
  • Track deadlines and details of Rebates so maximise profit on Land sales.
  • Manage a separate workflow process for the acquisition of land - individually or in bulk, and a post-sales approval workflow for finance and all related settlement activities.

Please refer to the following solution article for more information on Land (click here) or contact your consultant for more information.

Standard Report Deployment

We are very happy to introduce standard report deployment, this means you will always receive the latest ClickHome reports and don't have to worry about downloading new reports and manually uploading these going forward. Every update you will automatically receive the latest changes and any new reports developed by our team.

Other Enhancements


Renamed 'Add new supplier" button to 'Add new client" in the contract client links screen
Removed the button 'Insert from all items' from template items
CA-2801 - CA2728
Changed the way custom and virtual suppliers are allocated. In all cases, the potential supplier will be recorded in one field (fkidPVSMsupplier) until the task is actually completed against that resource. Until then, it remains dynamic so that late changes to allocation rules or criteria are used to determine the best resource up until the task was actually completed. We now also show the potential allocation in the front end. This relates to all virtual suppliers (Job street rotation, follow on, Contract Admin etc.)
Added some new procedures that are run in the background - prcCustomTrafficValidation called when inserting traffic, prcCustomContractValidation, called on contract update and insert.
Improved No Messaging allowed settings for the supervisor. If No messaging setting is changed from don't send to allow messages, it won't send the previous call-ups made by the supervisor.
ClickHome now shows task colouring.
Pink – the task is overdue.
Green – the task has been accepted, is active and is not overdue.

Added the ability for the users to delete their own notes without deleting others. 8105 - Note Limited Delete (within an hour)
PrcCustomContractEdit is now called when clicked on commit to buy from spec sales screen. This will allow you to run customisations upon spec selling.
Custom option selection (drop down option) from the inspection type set-up screen is removed as no longer used.
Expanded the Live workflow to 40 tasks.
DailyPerformancelogs will only be collected if the system setting is enabled - ClickHome.Reporting.RunDailyStats must be true in sgtext1.This change is to avoid unwanted load on the server for larger clients.
We've expanded the XML for the Email templates to now incorporate a jobtype, this allows you to create separate email formats for Maintenance vs Construction callups. 


Added a field to see whether the document has been sent to MyHome.

Ability to publish the document from ClickHome WebApp to MyHome. requires New security setting - 8407


Added the ability to edit a standard option name in the tender screen.
Added sales star rating filter to filter house types based on the star rating, each housetype can now have it's own sales star rating.

Ability to search house types in tenders creation screen based on house types names


If a task is PO locked to a supplier and the supplier rejects the task the planned date will now be removed. When a task is not PO locked to a supplier and the supplier rejects the task the supplier will be removed and the planned date will remain.
We've added functionality to generate a system id/key that can be applied to JobFile to distinguish a production system from a test system.  This was added so that a test system isn't accidentally connected to JobFile production. This is for use by ClickHome and JobFile internal team members and can be requested at any point in time.


Ability to identify a web lead vs normal lead by using a referalsource when lead comes in from webleads. Uses new setting ClickHome.Marketing.WebLeadsRSCP validation setting.

Refactor web leads - changes include better management of duplicate leads and creation of note with custom field information



Instructions are now adding under the right fields (Site Instructions under sgStandardInstructions and Delivery Instructions under sgStandardDirections) on individual and workflow contracts.
Fixed issue where tasks assigned to Construction Manager (virtual supplier) weren't showing up in My Task List
Fixed issue where the follow-on supplier used to incorrectly assign to tasks
Opcode 6003 to create records in clients and contacts table, was not running
Fixed issue where Auto complete task wasn't working if the Job status is in Maintenance and duration is more than same day.
Fix for the order of flex fields were not displaying in the correct order.
Fixed issue for multiple clicks on complete task tick box creates multiple actions. Only if the user has the opcode 7502, will be able to change the status to complete more than once.
Fixed issue where sales region wasn't populating for users
Fixed issue where additional role - Senior supervisor was been added automatically while creating leads or preconstruction jobs.
Fixed issue where the supervisors assigned to the parent project jobs were not carried over to their subproject jobs.
Fixed incorrect capturing of longitude values

Mobile Leads:

Fixed issue where the leads status (labels) were displaying incorrect label names
Fixed issue where category name wasn't displaying in Mobile Leads


Fixed issue where standard sub-reports weren't loading the data.
Fixed issue where scheduled user reports weren't received on time.


The rejection response will now appear on the iPad even if the task is started beforehand. This release will ensure the supervisor gets the response from the supplier on the iPad and that they can action it accordingly.
If the supervisor assigned to a contract does not have an email address the job will now be sent to JobFile without errors. Previously the supervisor email address was a requirement on Jobfile side.
When a contract is deleted and marked reusable any document links to JobFile are removed on Jobfile.
When a task is completed in ClickHome and an alternate date has been proposed by the supplier, the completion will now be processed in ClickHome. The task should then be updated in JobFile and set back to requested status however. The Jobfile team will make some necessary changes on their side to cater for this scenario as well.
Previously when 2 or more Job Not Ready (JNR) responses were sent to ClickHome for the same contract only one of these would process.
CA-2824, CA-2709
All task linked documents are now being sent to JobFile if the task is for a JobFile Supplier regardless of when the document is linked to the task. All contract ONLY documents continue to follow the inConstructionShare rules and will only get sent to JobFile if their document categories inConstructionShare fields are set to 2 or 3:

2 - Send to Field Device and JobFile
3 - Send to JobFile
Supervisors can now use the reject button to reject an alternate date provided by a supplier on the iPad (yellow cross). JobFile changes are still required, at the time of this release the supplier's task will still remain 'Awaiting Approval' even after the rejection is processed by ClickHome.


Fix rare error: for Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Fixed issue where tender sell price values weren't updated upon removal of packages, facades or custom options.
Fixed issue where while editing the custom options in tenders, the screen could freeze.
Fixed issue where users were not able to create/save tender options and price functions simultaneously.


Fixed issue where WebLeads deduplication changes the sales person to default salesperson.


Fixed issues for MyHome Stories where past stories were looking at the estimated start date and not estimated the completion date.
Fix for sending notes from iPad to MyHome selecting normal supervisor and client