Release Notes - ClickHome iPad - Version 3.6.12

Please Note: 

  • This version is ClickHome 3.4 compatible only, it will NOT work on ClickHome 2 or earlier ClickHome 3 versions.
  • Some newer features will only work on ClickHome  3.6 and above, we recommend you to upgrade ClickHome server to latest version and then update iPad version. 

  • Admin Email validation entry in Mobile manager settings is mandatory for this version. Please enter your support email id to export database and log files, for more info on the settings check here

  • A rebuild on the iPad is needed after updating the iPad version, followed by a sync. 

New Features:

  • [IO-722]   - Added ability to view all the Maintenance Jobs from the home screen.   


                        - Added the ability to complete multiple tasks from the Calendar screen, please find the details here




                        - Added new filters to see Maintenance jobs and active jobs in one list, Please find details here

                        - Added the ability to navigate to the Maintenance job from the Main Construction job and vice versa using related jobs button, please find details here


  • [IO-723] - Added a new check box -  make Delivery Instruction. The tick box allows you to automatically use the issue description as the delivery instruction for the trade on the callup. To configure this to be ticked by default add in the Mobile Manager Setting - MMISSUEDELIVERYINSTRU, additional info can be found in here




  • [IO-725] - Tasks can now be linked to multiple Issue by dragging and dropping a task to an issue, for more details click here
  • [IO-731] - Job Details screen now displays Supervisors 2 and QC for the job.


  • [IO-765] - Added ability to upload photos to the tasks from iPad, prerequisite ClickHome server must be above 3.6 version. The document appears in the linked docs section after sync.


  • [IO-879] - Improved Link Task screen, this now allows you to reschedule all planned tasks and not just Linked Tasks, more details can be found here


  • [IO-887/IO-881] - Ability to send log files and Database copy from iPhone and iPad to a specific/custom email address. To configure this add in MMSetting - AdminEmail, additional info can be found in here
  • [IO-891] - Added a Job Statistics screen to show key Metrics about the job, for more info click here


  • [IO-892] - Added ability for the user to notify a supplier about the task (Arrival time), requires SIM card on iPad, for more info click here


  • [IO-894] - Added quick way to navigate to the Stage View vs Flat Task view in the Filter section.



  • [IO-895] - Added quick navigation button to group documents by category vs flat list. To use this go to the documents screen> change filter to group documents by category.

  • [IO-870] - Added ability to capture current location of the job site from the iPad using GPS, for more info click here


  • [IO-884] - Added ability to show Email Address of Client in Job Details screen. By clicking on the client's email address you will be navigated to compose email screen.

Bug fixes

  • [IO-216] - Solved UI Issue for Purchase Order (PO) Screen
  • [IO-222] - Fixed issue where Wizard screen for discussion used to cut off on rotation.
  • [IO-225] - Fixed UI issues in Rescheduling, Requisition, Schedule, discussion, and Wizard Screens.
  • [IO-289] - Fixed issue where client details (customer name) were getting updated with &Amp characters.
  • [IO-865] - Solved Documents losing links Issue when iPad version is updated. 
  • [IO-875] - Fixed navigation issue to call sheet from various different screens.
  • [IO-893] - Fixed navigation issue from Supplier/Trade inspections Screen.
  • [IO-912] - Fixed issue where resource codes/Issue category were are not displaying while creating issues from Maintenance scheduler screen
  • [IO-938] - Fixed issue where users were not able to save photos which were clicked on the contract level from iPhone.
  • [IO-928] - Fixed issue for supervisor 2, tasks scheduled wasn't appearing in calendar and today's delivery.


  • [IO-166] - Implemented new photo upload method to improve uploading of large inspections documents, prerequisite ClickHome server must be above 3.6 version.
  • [IO-935] - Improved PCI screens

                         - The areas and questions of PCI are displayed in Alphabetical order
                         - Maintenance Scheduler tab is called as 'Issue Scheduler'

                         - Issues created are sorted by date-created date. 

                         - We are aware that Issues created from PCI inspection phase 1 are added to the Discussions, this will be fixed in 3.7 ClickHome server release. 

  • [IO-901] - Improved version of sync method implemented to reset the sync counter after the documents/photos are uploaded on the server.