This version introduces a new system setting: ClickHome.ClickHomeService.AutoAddStopDays


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Mobile Leads:

  • [CA-2143] - Mobile Leads clicking on Stat Box now opens previously saved view of leads.
  • [CA-2662] - Added ability to run Contract Reports on Mobile Leads.
  • [CA-2440] - Added ability to specify templates on Mobile Leads creation (dropdown found under Lead Details section when creating new lead)
  • [CA-2431] - Mobile Leads - Traffic Tidy Ups

                    a.  Fixed issue for future dates for traffic should not be allowed, only today or back dating should be allowed.

                    b.  Quick Add Date created now shows actual time instead of Midnight.

  • [CA-2344] - Lot Details screen has been renamed to Leads Details on Edit/New lead screen for Mobile Leads


  • [CA-1352] -Added Ability to have Maintenance tasks show up and opened from MyTask list.
  • [CA-1835] - System can now automatically add in stop days and rerun baseline when the job status is changed to stop. (ClickHome.ClickHomeService.AutoAddStopDays system setting required with text value = True)
  • [CA-2560] - Added Ability to edit car spaces for HouseTypes configuration.
  • [CA-2636] - Ability to only show assigned tasks in users Mytask list (permission 'view my task' (7200 opcode) with 'assigned to the task' relationships)  
  • [CA-2638] & [CA-2646] & [CA-2690]- Added new functionality to Application API -  re-activate task, setting of due date, calling of standard processes and many more.
  • [CA-2658] - Ability to create a note for the supervisor of the job if the task has proposed alternate planned date from JobFile.
  • [CA-2691] - Ability to sort Purchase orders in ascending order in the PO matching screen of the iPad.
  • [CA-2699] - Improved error handling for an invalid callup. 
  • [CA-2705] - Added ability to save the cost price for tenders with $0 and null values.


  • [CA-2575] - Fixed issue for SMS call up not picking up custom XSLT template.
  • [CA-2596] - Fixed issue with Alternate proposed date from JobFile overrides the start date.
  • [CA-2630] - Fixed Lot address now correctly displayed in the header of the Contract Detail section.
  • [CA-2634] - Fixed issue for displaying category name in Mobile Leads if using SQL 2014 backend.
  • [CA-2643] - Fixed change of CH2 reporting conversion view on check list values.
  • [CA-2649] - Fixed issue Creating an appointment on New Lead creation in Mobile Leads freezes. 
  • [CA-2651] - Fixed issue where callups were being sent using preferred method even though override contact methods were chosen.
  • [CA-2654] - Fixed issue where Maintenance attachments were not attached to call up .
  • [CA-2657] - Fixed issue where a user reports scheduled multiple times at the same send time only 1 report sent.
  • [CA-2664] - Fixed rare issue where systems without a single auto complete tasks would create some unnecessary failure entries.
  • [CA-2669] - Fixed issue where Web leads screen loads slow if more than 50 inquiries.
  • [CA-2670] - Ability to accept a Quote even after rejecting. 
  • [CA-2685] - Improved Tender calculation if House price is not configured.