• [CA-1947] - Quotes Tidy Up - Navigation, Saving and more
  • [CA-2317] - Added more Supervisor contact details to JobFile
  • [CA-2452] - Improved ContractCalendar and BusinessCalendar to handle continuous updates.
  • [CA-2478] - Upload of Resource Code classifications to JobFile - in preparation for better integration.
  • [CA-2512] - Mobile Leads - Added ability to Print and Email Tender to client, needs Opcode (12100) and standard settings (contact your consultant for configuration).
  • [CA-2553] - Show documents for linked contracts (eg Maintenance jobs see Construction docs) - Needs latest iOS version.
  • [CA-2565] - Improved memory management in Silverlight for very active users


  • [CA-1613] - Fixed - Exchange Integration timezones are sometimes incorrect.
  • [CA-2202] - Fixed - MasterContractRole gets Overwriten on Creation of Maintenance Contract.
  • [CA-2480] - Fixed - Security warning when schedule an appointment 
  • [CA-2511] - Fixed - Updated contact methods not going down to iPad
  • [CA-2513] - Better management of notes added from JobFile which is already in ClickHome
  • [CA-2564] - Fixed - PO Price does not show on device if there is no supplier allocated.
  • [CA-2566] - Fixed - MyHome Selections not saving all descriptions.
  • [CA-2577] - Fixed - Mobile Leads Client and contact details update correctly when there are multiple contacts