New Features:

  • [IO-807] - Added the ability to upload multiple photos at one go.
  • [IO-832] - Maintenance - Delivery Text will be copied from the Issue Comments
  • [IO-833] - Maintenance Jobs now show all it's associated Construction Documents as well
  • [IO-724] - Added ability to change Resource Code on Maintenance Task (Needs ClickHome 3.4.0 or above, User needs 7125 security operations to allow editing of task).

  • [IO-854] - Ability to manually add a purchase order to a task (Needs ClickHome 3.4.0 or above, User needs security 3250 to make this screen visible). 

  • [IO-855] - Added ability to add a custom task to the callsheet, this will also allow preceding and dependent tasks for correct forecasting (Needs ClickHome 3.4.0 or above, User needs opcode 7123 to allow access to screen).  

  • [IO-874] - New Button Notify Client of Arrival (requires phone connection on device).

Minor Improvements

  • [IO-819] - Removed Unnecessary Supervisors from iPad at end of Sync
  • [IO-857] - Cancel button doesnt return to the same screen when completing a task with a Checklist
  • [IO-860] - Added the ability to edit and delete issues on a PCI Phase 1 though finalised status
  • [IO-882] - Todays tasks will also populate if you are assigned Supervisor 2, QC or Construction Manager
  • [IO-644] - Requisitions now only shows external resources in the list (Internal staff are only available by exception)
  • [IO-821] - Webdav links compatible on Ios10 and ClickHome

Bug Fixes

  • [IO-660] - Maintenance- Fixed minor issue where description was removing carriage returns.
  • [IO-674] - Fixed issue where you could navigate directly to a maintenance issue list without downloading the callsheet.
  • [IO-786] - Fixed Side Menu - some options did not scroll in Landscape mode
  • [IO-869] - Fixed issue that when assigning a Maintenance Supervisor after raising issues does not sync up to iPad.
  • [IO-799] - Fixed - Sync count not clearing on successful sync
  • [IO-829] - Fixed - Common Call sheet (Black tile isue)
  • [IO-864] - Fixed - Rescheduling From 'Late Confirmations' Shortcut would navigate to incorrect screen.
  • [IO-868] - Fixed - Email address in send to support now uses correct Mobile Manager Setting
  • [IO-877] - Fixed - Updated Image size parameters for new IOS version