[CA-2441] - Mobile Tenders Released. Allowing sales staff to produce a quick and easy quote.

[CA-2399] - Mobileleads - Add SalesPerson dropdowns to Filters and Table views for use by SalesManager.

[CA-2367] - Started work to push more contract details to iPad in preparation for new build (Supervisor 2, QC and extended Client contact details).

[CA-1708] - Updated standard Callup XSLT to show Long/Lat if filled in. if not filled in standard lot address will be used. This will replicate from Pre-construction to Construction.

                    This will be useful for new developments where Google hasn't updated its maps yet with correct street names.

[CA-2412] - Mobileleads - Added the Ability to hide/show process steps from Mobile Leads.

[CA-2413] - Tenders - Now allowing Placeholder Selections from Removed packages to be reactivated again.

[CA-2418] - Application API Tweaks - 3

[CA-2453] - Added extra security layer on myhome document access.

[CA-2459] - Added improvement to MyHome product selection now has correct main image and Display times show correctly.

[CA-2460] - Added ability to search for all tender options and import selections from a spreadsheet (Pipe delimited, contact your ClickHome consultant for a sample spreadsheet).

[CA-2487] - Added ability to upload Logo's for specific business units (might need re-upload of current logo)

Bugs / Minor improvements

[CA-1196] - Mobileleads - Added ability to add a Negative Number to a Numeric Flex Field

[CA-2355] - Show correct regions in contract creation screen

[CA-2356] - Completion Date getting updated incorrectly in Mobile leads

[CA-2372] - Mobile Leads - Lot address now allows A,B,C in their address

[CA-2386] - Mobile Leads - Ability to view flexfields but not edit them (eg if task is assigned to someone other than salesperson).

[CA-2398] - Removed all double layer scroll bars from tenders screen for easier navigation.

[CA-2400] - Tenders - Ensured all filters are displaying correctly

[CA-2402] - Tenders- Added inclusions to show correct quantities when added as part of Housetype.

[CA-2424] - Ability to better track changes when unselling a sold Spec Job keeping track of the Salesperson.

[CA-2427] - Documents are now correclty linked to Tender options/packages/house types

[CA-2428] - Picking supervisor on Contract creation screen is now sticking correctly.

[CA-2434] - Fixed - Update Note/Appointment not working on Safari browser.

[CA-2438] - Fixed where navigating from Appointment to Lead was not working.

[CA-2444] - Winsvc errors on incorrect groveller settings

[CA-2446] - Fixed Issue where repeating flexfield is now only mandatory on last task.

[CA-2448] - Fixed - Field device not updated when supplier accepts and completes task in JobFile at same time.

[CA-2449] - Fixed - Timing issue where Field device status updates incorrectly when supplier proposes alternative date after supervisor already confirmed date.

[CA-2451] - Fixed - rare issue where improvements to mytask were causing unexpected timeouts for users with more than 500 tasks.

[CA-2454] - Tender Setting Expiry Date now correctly expires tender after date.

[CA-2455] - Tightened security model on meta data and related records to filter based on business unit security up and down the tree.. no sibling records only descendants and ancestors..

[CA-2457] - Fixed issue where Maintenance jobs couldn't be closed.

[CA-2461] - Added extra check in to ensure that documents created before job is loaded in JobFile get sent once Job exists in JobFile.

[CA-2463] - Fixed - Contract level flexfields duplicated if user has both view hidden and normal flexfield security permissions.

[CA-2470] - Added in supervisor 2 today's tasks/delivery to show on field device.

[CA-2473] - Fixed - Mobile Leads Optional Numerical Flexfields would save as 0 if not filled in instead of blank.

[CA-2474] - Fixed - Timing issue where a new mandatory schedule flex fields is introduced when task is already planned causing issues to complete that task.

[CA-2476] - Fixed - Rare occurence where contract status disappears from UI after making Admin changes to job.

[CA-2479] - Improved time to upload documents to JobFile (removed delay)

[CA-2486] - Mobileleads - Corrected permission to upload documents to Jobs on Hold

[CA-2495] - Mobileleads - minor improvements on Calendar screen to show correct date format.

[CA-2499] - Mobileleads - Images not shown correctly for product library in Safari browser.

[CA-2500] - Mobileleads - Document search not clearing when removing search criteria from search bar.

[CA-2501] - Mobile Leads - Certain browsers did not allow reassiging lead.