Version 221.17

As this version has some database changes a rebuild is required post upgrade.


IO-30 Feature - Annotation of images now possible. (Compatible with ClickHome 3.1.2 onwards)

IO-33 Feature: Delivery instructions now include option to insert Client details automatically.
IO-191 Feature - Inserted Contract/Task/Inspection photos can now be removed from iPad before sync.
IO-195 Feature - Implemented Copy-Paste on Contract Details and Wizard>Notes screen
IO-718 Feature - Time stamp can now be added on each photo with new setting

See Mobile Settings
 IO-624 Feature - Stage Callsheet. Ability to display all call sheets in a stage view for calling up in blocks. Available under User Preferences -> Job -> Default Call sheet view.

Compatible with ClickHome 3.1.3 onwards.
  Ability to Remove inspection photo after inserting it.


IO-637 Improvement - Completion slider is slightly narrower for ease of access when using an iPad cover.
IO-655 Improvement - Increased visibility by adding thicker lines between items on Job and Call sheet screen.

Bug Fixes

IO-672 Bug Fix - Reschedule reason field is missing in certain edge cases
IO-95 Bug Fix - Requisition only needs one sync instead of 2.
IO-733 Bug Fix - When applying filter and opening document, wrong document is opened
IO-742 Bug Fix - Multiple task photos displays incorrect header.
IO-212 Bug Fix - Client contact details are now populating correctly.
IO-224 Bug Fix - Changing orientation of field device caused mandatory items to be ignored.
IO-250 Bug Fix - Changing orientation of field device caused buttons to be missed on photo screen.
IO-615 Bug Fix - Maintenance notes on iPad and webapp now update on sync
IO-665 Bug Fix - Sync count incorrect on photo upload.
IO-700 Bug Fix - Adhoc Inspection instructions were missing presync on iPad
IO-710 Bug Fix - Linked tasks get scheduled on non working day if key task is on Weekend and Monday is a non working day.
IO-713 Bug Fix - Delivery instructions on key tasks get copied to its associated linked tasks.
IO-727 Bug Fix - Duplication of supervisor tasks in certain circumstances.
IO-741 Bug Fix - Ad Hoc inspections sometimes have missing questions on certain areas.
IO-744 Bug Fix - Downloading a document when you have a doc filter in place no longer resets the doc filter.
  Bug Fix - Back button on Projects screen goes to correct page
  Bug Fix - Supervisor notes from Key tasks no longer duplicate on it's linked children