To view the Tender list , select the Tenders Menu >List to view all Tenders or drill down to the Lead or Presite job to get the specific tender for the job.

Select the tender that you need to edit . It will turn blue and the buttons 1,2 and 3 can be selected.

Button 1   -  This is the Copy Selected Tender button.

Button 2  -  This is the Edit Selected Tender button. 

Button 3   -  This is the Estimate Selected Tender button.

Clicking on the Copy Selected Tender (Button 1 above) will make a copy of the selected tender.

Clicking on the Edit Selected Tender button (Button 2 above) leads you to the screen below allowing you to make changes to the tender .

Clicking on the Estimate Selected Tender button (Button 3 above) leads you to the screen below . The screen displays  only the packages and options selected when you created the tender or Edited the tender (by clicking on button 2 above) with the exception of the packages that can be updated as a substitute for another(e.g. Facades or Air conditioning packages) . 

The prices of the packages can be overridden by typing in new prices in the Override section.

In the Tender Estimation screen, there are more statuses available that the Estimator can select before completion of theTender estimation.

You can be able to view the Margin when the Client Mode box is unselected. 

The Margin is the difference between the House price and the house cost. To be able to view the margin, the user must have the right security settings (Operation code 12114)

To add a document to a Tender go to the Document Upload screen on the left.