Hotfix 220.26

This supersedes

  • Fixed crash with adding documents to maintenance
  • Fixed in-frequent crash with screen rotation on callsheet.
  • Fixed task screen to make it refresh with the latest data after doing a split.
  • Fixed error in sync new notes, new issues and new photos reporting unknown id 100000000 in some cases.
  • Inspection Screen Keyboard not accepting key strokes on some inspections.

Hotfix 220.21

This supersedes
  • Duplicate Notes fix

Version 220.18


  • NEW - iOS Share functionality - ability to send documents to other applications 
  • NEW - Document screens include filter and search and overall speed improvement on load of many documents (>200) 
  • NEW - New Sync Screen - This screen shows details of all unsynced items. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Could not complete from late confirmation 
  • Fixed - Projects - Previously only active jobs were able to be viewed on iPad under a parent. Now all subjobs are visible if Parent job is active. 
  • Fixed - Minor Sync issue when Scheduling items in bulk 
  • Fixed - Application crash when Sending Additional Instruction to supplier 
  • Fixed - Unable to Call up on Weekends - Red dates are now selectable and will schedule. 
  • Fixed - Rare Application crash on Wizard Discussion screen 
  • Fixed - Distorted screen on Rotation of screen on Photos for Contract page. 
  • Fixed - Issue with wrong Issue Category in Maintenance screen 
  • Fixed - Maintenance Acknowledgement - back button doesn't work. 
  • Fixed - iOS9 compatibility issue with keyboard on Inspections 
  • Fixed - Date picker issue in Joblist Wizard  
  • Fixed - Inspections from home page navigates to incorrect screen 
  • Fixed - Certain users can not rebuild due to too many jobs 
  • Fixed - Job (not) ready reasons and notes from JobFile missing from iPad 
  • Fixed - Certain tasks not showing under Today's Delivery 
  • Fixed - Long subjects for notes no longer cut off 
  • Fixed - Rare application crash on Contract Notes edit 
  • Fixed - Supervisor notes are copied across to multiple tasks 
  • Fixed - Supervisor QC and Mobile subscriptions have no visibility of previously completed inspections 
  • Fixed - Callsheet would sometimes only show a small number of tasks depending on orientation changes 
  • Fixed - Some issues in layout depending on orientation, especially on requisition screens 
  • Fixed - Multiple memory issues and stability issues