Custom Nodes can be created and Maintained within the database, no frontend exists at this point yet, but functionality is implemented.

There is a table called tblAppCustomisations.

Business Unit should be the business unit of the user.

inappArea: see Application Areas wiki

Customisation Name - this is what appears in the tree.

Parameters - this would likely be a URL - with tokens in it. See Token Wiki

The Customisation Type - Only Link and Frame are currently supported

Operation - you could pick an operation code that everyone has, or pick on that is custom to a specific group.. to allow you to implement security.

These are the areas where the Custom Node will appear.

Area Number - Tree Location - Tree XML

100 - Leads Task - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01050417" e="1" m="1" l="1" />


200 - Leads contract - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01050G00" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

300 - Preconstruction Task - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01060418" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

400 - Preconstruction Node - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01060G00" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

500 - Single Quote - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01070120" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

600 - Quotes - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01070200" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

700 - Construction Task - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="0108031C" e="1" m="1" l="1" />


800 - Construction Node - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="01081700" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

900 - Master Contract level - <Node Text="Custom" Icon="misc" Id="010F0000" e="1" m="1" l="1" />

2100 - Clients - in any place with a client node or sub Node

      <Node Text="Customisation" Icon="misc" Id="01030500" e="0" />

      <Node Text="Customisation" Icon="misc" Id="040B0000" e="0" />

In case the inCustomisationType is 1 (Link) you might need to set a token substitution and a xslt. 

Please refer to this article for further information: