When you set up Groveller on a separate server, please locate the following clickhome.windowsservice.exe.config Settings, these need to be Maintained and updated Manually on all consecutive upgrades.



      <setting name="Mode" serializeAs="String">

        <!-- Options here are 


               - this is the default setup of a server - only one windows service is running - it handles groveller if configured


               - if groveller is being run on a separate server - this is the central server - it should be off so it does not use the groveller settings


              - if groveller is being run on a separate server - this is the satellite server - it should be on so it does use the groveller settings




      <setting name="SatelliteName" serializeAs="String">


        This is just a name - in future we may configure multiple satellite servers.. currently only one is supported it is used in logging.


        <value />


      <setting name="Mapping" serializeAs="String">


        this is a split string, split by | pipe symbol

        the first part matches the directory where we detected in the file system watcher.. eg D:\Shares\Projects... gets shared as \\servername\Projects

        the second part is the substitute that represents how other servers and remote users access it.


        The search part - the first part - it is case sensitive









You would also need to change the web.config of the standard service and make sure the groveller override setting is changed to:  CentralServerOff.

The same goes for any future upgrade, this setting needs to be changed manually.