1. Configuration

    Groveller is configured using the following entries.

    1. Groveller is turned ON using the ClickHome Setting ClickHome.Groveller.Monitoring = TRUE

    2. The user account which ClickHome Service runs under must have read/list/execute permissions to the path that it monitors, or paths that it scans.

    3. The Main Path must be configured using the ClickHome Setting ClickHome.Groveller.MonitorPath

    4. The list of known extensions must be configured using the ClickHome.Groveller.Extensions in Text 1 - separated by ; eg .doc;.txt;.xls;.jpg;.dwg;.jpeg;.pdf;.docx;.xlsx;.xls

    5. A list of all Path Searches must be configured also under Groveller Paths

      1. Display must contain the Document Category examples (coming from tbldoccategories)

        1. Variations

        2. Specifications

        3. Contracts

      2. Text 1 must be a suitable Regular expression please see examples of regex wiki [TEST REGEX]

      3. Order is the sequence in which to process the paths - it will only use the first matching expression.

      4. SgValue must contain the JobType that you want it linked to.

Match using Doc Template Matches:

Create a new record in tblDocTemplateMatches with fkidTemplate = your Contract Template id, fkidTemplateItem = your Template Task id, and sgDocFileMatch = [\\]Reports[\\](?<FileName>.+)\.pdf$ this is your Regex to match any certain files in a certain folder.