To add new Reports or to make changes to a report you will need to navigate to the Master Reports screen under Administration. (1)

The following options are now available:

(2) - Name of the report 

(3) - The Category of the report

(4) - The Security Permission, or who has access to this report

(5) - The Areas within ClickHome where this report can be accessed from

(6) - To Upload a new Report File, or re-use a previously uploaded file

(7) - The Type of Report (Normal or a Previously written report for CH2)

(8) - Export Format - Must use CHEXPORT and one of the following options - XLS, DOC, HTM, XML, TXT, TAB, PDF

ClickHome 2 Report into ClickHome3


No modification is required to the report:


The ClickHome3 system must be configured a correct CH2 Office connection and a correct CH2 Construction connection.
The Master Reports table must indicate it to be a legacy office report or a legacy construction report.


The correct connection specifies a user (office or construction) such that this user only has access to the relevant schema (office or construction) and this schema mimics views and tables from CH2 (office or construction).


Any client procedures, views or even tables can be created within the correct schema (ZC2O or ZC2C) and the database role (ch2Oreporting and ch2Creporting) must be granted select/execute permissions to the clients special objects.


Many of the common views and tables are done, but not all – and even less with the restructure for Tenders.