Using a System Administrator Account navigate to 

  • System Configuration > Messaging >  Expand the section Construction Messaging Options by Business Unit 

The drop down below showing "All Business Units" is a selector which will change the fields below it. By default Messaging it set the same for all Business Units, unless configured by individual Business Unit.


Email Body:  It uses the inbuilt email templates by default.

Custom Email Subject

Handled in the XSLT.

Attach PDF Reports to the email

This is optional when callup method is email.There are options available currently to have different PDF report for external suppliers, internal emails and Client per business unit or you could choose to same report to be used across all business units. Select already uploaded crystal report from the External Report or Internal Report or Client Report drop down for the respective business unit and tick the check box 'Include PDF Report as attachment in email' and save the changes.

Include PDF Report as attachment applies to all Messaging - internal, external and client.



 This is to attach any plans,photos or any related document that can be sent to supplier or trade when scheduling callup from field device. This functionality is only applicable when the supplier grouping is Message per Message - one email message per callup. This can be enabled or disabled by navigating to 

  • Administration > System Configuration > Messaging > Expand 'Email Configuration' section

Method: Fax

Some fax configurations send fax as email, in these cases there is will be no content in the email body and would only have attachment (TIFF or PDF) based on the fax setting configured. 

Fax-Subject:  Please note that Fax subject works differently based on supplier grouping. No custom fields are supported for fax subject as it does for email callup


When supplier grouping is Message Per Message he subject is derived from 'Business Name on Emails' if one exists for the contract's business unit or uses the default Business Name appended  with ClickHomeRef which looks like( (ClickHome Ref Msg/Acc: /xxx/yyy/) .Attaching linked documents for fax callup is not supported.


When supplier grouping is MessagePerDay or MessagePerSupervisor or MessagePerBusinessUnit or MessagePerContract , the subject is derived from 'Business Name on Emails' appended  with ClickHomeRef which looks like( (ClickHome Ref Msg/Acc: /xxx/yyy/) 

Please note that if the custom subject is longer, it will be cut short to append the ClickHomeRef which looks like (ClickHome Ref Msg/Acc: /xxx/yyy/) where xxx would be the message id. yyy is usually the supervisor id for single messages. IdMessage need to be tagged to the subject in order to process replies from the receivers. 

Method: SMS

Only applicable for supplier grouping 'Message Per Message' and does not support attachments or reports.

Custom SMS body can be configured by navigating to System Configuration > Messaging >  Expand the section SMS Configuration 

Valid field names are:cdtype, dtdatecalled, dtdatemessage, sgitemname, sgcontractno, sglotaddress, sglotnumber, sglotpostcode, sglotstate, sglotstreet1, sglotstreet2, sglotsuburb, sglotunitno, sgmessageto, sgmobilephone, sgporeference, sgreschedulereason, sgsuppliername, sguserfullname, sgworkphone 

Default SMS Body is where on processing these names will be resolved to include the task and job details.

Builder Name 


Date Planned (if date due is not null - then append " to " Date Due)

Job Number
Lot Address in full

Supervisor Name
Supervisor Mobile

(if the Message Media Smart SMS is enabled then this line is added) Reply Yes or No