Navigate to an existing Lead or Presite Job to Enter Tenders.


Click on the Plus Icon on the top right to create a new tender.

Use the filters to drill down onto the applicable houses (by selecting the house types and Bedrooms):

Once you have selected the correct house type, make sure you select the correct Business Unit (if your salesperson is active in Multiple Business Units) and hit the New Tender Button to start off the process

You are now in the Tenders Edit Screen.

The red marked sections (1, 2 and 3) represent the following:

1  Shows the Price Breakdown of each item.
 Adding or removing items in section 2  will automatically change the price.
 Clicking on the light blue items will take you straight to those items on the Tender.

2  This is a list of all the selections (Facades, Packages, Options and Custom Options) that you can make.
 There are different selection types (Images, List Items, Single selections, Multiple Selections) depending on the types of Packages or Options.
3  This section shows the details of the selected Package or Option. Below is an Air conditioning Package which consists of multiple individual options. The total price of this package is 0 (it is included in the standard house price)

When Navigating to the options you can view which options are included in the standard house price and included in the previously selected packages.

You can add extra Options at this stage by clicking on the up down button or typing in a value.

Some Tender options may be highlighted in orange and when trying to save the tender , you may get the following message.

These means that the options need a substitution.
The substitution is done by selecting the highlighted option, selecting the substitute and Qty on the right hand side of the window.
For example for this case the Front Door Standard Option has been highlighted and on the right side, you can select another type of front door.

On completion of the substitution, the option will turn to green and the tender can now be saved.

To create a custom Option you can add any non standard options in by selecting: add new item. 

The Custom option added for example (Golden Taps) below can include other options within it that were not available in the selection. 

Click on Convert to build up and you can select to add other available options not in the list of the Standard Options for this tender.

You can select the options to include from the screen that populates for all the options, the comments can be written down about the items and pricing status can be defined.

To Select the Pricing click on the drop down box.

To view all selected Options , use the filter icon and select True. This also applies to Packages.

On the Overview tab, you can select different statuses to complete a tender. (i.e. Draft, Client Review and Rejected by Client)

You can also select different tender types (depending on the business rules) and you can click on the print tab to print a tender details of the selected options and packages. 
When you click on the  Reprice button , the tender gets updated with the most recent prices loaded into the database for the packages and options.

Click on the Save button on the top right corner to save the Tender. 

To return to the main tenders screen click on the Tenders

A Tender List will display all the Tenders created for the job as below:

Once the Tender has gone through all the statuses and been edited, its no longer editable once it is at the Contract Status