To add a referral source in ClickHome 3 please follow these steps:

1. Log in as a user with the System Administrator security role assigned to them.

2. In the left hand menu pane, navigate to Administration>Marketing>Referral Sources

3. The Referral Sources screen should now appear

4. To add a new Referral Source click "Click here to add new item"

5. Fill in the Referral Name box 

6. Select the Business Unit

7. Select the referral type 

*** Note: to set up as a referral source select either Display Home, Advertising, or Sales Team. To set up as a Contact Point select either Display Home, Sales Team, or Business Process 

8. Set the Default Status

9. Set the Active Start (automatically set to the current date) and End Date

10. Click on the Save Icon

11. The newly created Referral Source should now appear the next time a new lead is created