In ClickHome3 you can use the Activity Reports functionality to send information to contacts, supervisors, user roles etc. according to when a task is scheduled/completed/planned.

To set these up for a template follow the below instructions:

Under Administration > Construction > Templates, go to a specific Template and click Edit.

There are 2 kinds of event that can be triggered here:


Send a Report.

You will have to first upload the report to the Master reports section (under Admin --> Company)

Send an Email notification.

You can leave the 'Master Report' section blank. Just add the desired recipients to "Email To" (multiple recipients can be seperated by a semicolon like in Outlook), the message in the email body under "Custom Notifications" section (Screen shot below) and if you have an email template, select this under "Email Template"

Adjust the parameters for when the report is to be sent - On the schedule of the task, when it is completed, the date that it started, or on the date it has been planned for. This will send an email with the details as you've entered them.