The ClickHome Application along with a variety of other Business line applications, uses Exchange to send emails. Appropriate care should be taken when planning changes to your mail environment to ensure impacts to ClickHome are considered. Set up and configuration of the Exchange Environment is the responsibility of the Client's IT. Contact ClickHome Support if you have any questions in regards to how ClickHome might be impacted by changes. We always suggest setting up a Test System to perform tests to any new settings before making changes.

This article is provided by Microsoft and should be reviewed and the appropriate configuration set up

For Troubleshooting issues with Call ups not sending please see:

Pre 3.1.2 version of ClickHome will require an SMTP relay/connector to be setup in order for call ups to be sent through to the cloud-based email server. Post 3.1.2 we support direct connections using TLS.

POP 3 for call-up confirmations and failed messages
SMTP for sending emails

Depending on your configuration, you may need to ensure that access is set to anonymous authentication. Below are some useful articles.

Additionally, please review your DNS records in regards to Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records. You may need to set up a custom SPF record for the connector.

After this is set up you will need to update Messaging settings using an account with system privileges. You will also need to confirm that the basic telnet prerequisite is still working when you send mail from the main account to external parties.

Administration > System Configuration > Messaging.

Note - the "Test SMTP" button does not ensure that Call Up emails are working. It should not be used for confirmation of system set up - Test Call ups should be sent from within ClickHome to confirm End-to-End success.