Often during the course of workflow development, you will need to add new tasks to a workflow.

The addition of new tasks is done in the following manner.

Add new tasks to the template as per this solution.

Once a new task has been added to the template, open the "edit" section of that task. 

Expand the "Apply Template Items" group.

  1. Find the new tasks workflow precedent from the dropdown list.
  2. Select "Insert new tasks".  
  3. Once the success message has popped up, select "Update changes to jobs".

This will schedule in a job manager task in the server background to update the task lists.  It will happen on the next service cycle, so it wont be instantaneous.  If it is an urgent change please contact Clickhome and we will force push it.

You can see here for a job that the task has been successfully inserted into the workflow list.

Note that jobs where the precedent task has been completed will NOT receive this workflow update.