ClickHome has facilities to integrate certain information from the company’s accounting and estimating systems and one of these interchanges that has a vital role in the management of tasks within a jobs are purchase orders. 

A template of the job type combined with the purchase orders raised for the job form the basis of the call sheet for the job. Purchase orders details are initially raised through the estimating and accounting systems and passed to ClickHome where they are matched to tasks by a user defined set of rules that result in the manipulation of the task.  In its simplest form it may add the supplier to the task while it also may, if the circumstances are right, create a completely new task.

Similarly, ClickHome can pass back details of task completion as authorisation to the accounting system to pay all or part of a purchase order.

This mutual sharing of information depends on:

· A process for the systems to pass data back and forth;

· A set of processing rules that will give Clickhome the parameters it needs to link the Purchase Orders with its Job and Task information.