Flex Fields 

Creating and using a Flex Field entry:

  • This process starts by adding a desired Flex Field to the list of Flex Field entries (under Administration --> Company --> Flex Field), using the explorer on the left side pane as shown in the figure below.

Create FF 1.PNG  


§  Administration --> Company  --> Flex Field


Create FF 2.PNG  


§  Then click on the first row  which says 'Add New Item'.  This opens a new instance which is ready to be filled with  desired values. In  case you end up clicking elsewhere while filling the details,  the new entry  might not remain as the first entry (or first row), however you  can scroll down  to find it and continue entering the required values.

§  In this case let us create a  Flex Field to check if a 3rd  completion inspection is required before handing the keys over  to the client.  This Flex Field would be of the type 'Work-Item' as it only  needs to be checked  while the 'Hand Over' task is being performed.



Create FF 3.PNG  


§  All the Flex Field details have  drop downs to choose from  (all the details and their options are mentioned in the sections  above). After  entering all the required details , click the save button on the  top right  corner of the screen.



§  Doing so creates an entry into  the list of flex fields.  We will now have to add this newly created Flex Field to the  Contract or Task  that we created it for. This requires us to first know the  'Template',the  Contract we aspire to edit, uses.


Create FF 4.PNG  


§  In our case we have chosen a  contract which uses a  template called 'Build North 1st (Disp)'. This information can  be accessed  under the 'Common Details' of the contract under action.


Create FF 5.PNG  


§  We can now navigate to the relevant template, for instance Construction -->  Templates page to add the Flex Filed into a specific template,  which in turn  would appear in all the contracts (and in turn tasks) that use  that specific  template.

§  Click on 'Edit' to add the Flex  Field, as shown above.


Create FF 6.PNG 


§  Scroll down to the specific  'Task' which in our case is  'Hand Over'. Click on 'Details', which will allow us to make  further changes to  the Task.


Create FF 7.PNG  


§  We can then access the 'Flex  Field' option and choose the  newly created Flex Field. We can also give it an 'Order Number'  if there exists  more than one Flex Flied, which would prioritize the Flex Fields  in the list.  Clicking 'Save' on the top right hand corner completes the  process of adding a  Flex Filed to the task we chose.


§  To verify if the Flex Field has  been successfully added,  Click on the Contract and choose tasks for the drop down and  navigate to the  'Hand Over' task from the list. We can see the new Flex Field  added under the  Flex Fields section as shown below.


Create FF 8.PNG