Below solution should only be used for ClickHome2. ClickHome 3 service should never be restarted automatically.

ClickHome windows service is responsbile for the following

1. Sending callups to suppliers

2. Running baseline and forecast

3. Processing PO loads

4. Integration with external systems ( eg: Databuild/Beams /CRM/Timberline etc..)

5. Document Groveller ( integrating documents into ClickHome)

If there are any issues with any of the above,clickhome support team would suggest to create a windows auto scheduler task that restarts the service every day / once a week.

Please find the steps to create a windows auto scheduler task which restarts the service every day.

Step 1: Open Task Scheduler ( Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler)

Step 2: Create Task

Name the task, description and select security options

Step 4: Create Task - Trigger. Set up scheduled to run the task

The below setting is to schedule the task to run daily at 4.00 AM 

Step 5: Create Task - Action. 

We will set up a program RestartCHServiceDaily.bat to stop and start the ClickHome Service.

a. Identify the name of the ClickHome Service from service properties

b. Open Notepad and place the commands to start and stop the service. Save the file as RestartCHServiceDaily.bat

c. Specify the action. We will run the program RestartCHServiceDaily.bat 

Step 6: Create Task - Conditions. Leave the default settings

Step 7: Create Task - Settings. Leave the default settings. Click Ok. You may be prompted to enter user account details.

Step 8: Verify the task in Task Scheduler library and test if your account can run the task

Click Run to verify if you user account is able to run the task successfully. Verify the history for any errors and take appropriate action.

Your user account should have permissions to execute the netstart and netstop commands, if there are issues please check with your network administrator.