ClickHome Support - Guidelines and Information

ClickHome prides itself on its support, providing high quality application and technical support to all of our customers. We have a dedicated team of support analysts backed by both the development team and the implementation consultants.

We provide support via several channels:

Support Portal

You are currently viewing our support Portal, we recommend you use this Portal as a first point of contact for support and implementation as it already contains solutions and it can help you track cases easily.

Email Support

We provide support via our support email address (  This will automatically log your information into our Support Portal and you will be returned an email confirming your case number for your future reference. You can track the status of this case through our Portal.

Telephone Support

Our support line is constantly manned, so there are no queues.  You phone through and you will talk to a knowledgeable support analyst straight away. Our support covers application queries right through to technical server issues. You will be issued a support case reference so that you may track the progress of your support query. Our support telephone number is +61 (0)8 6424 8040.

Support Case Guidelines

To help us provide quality and prompt support, we ask that our clients have the following information available for the support analyst:

  1. Please check this portal to see if your problem hasn't already been solved.
  2. Please provide ClickHome product/module and version of the product.
  3. ClickHome login details.
  4. Ensure remote on site access is enabled for the support analyst when necessary.
  5. Clearly defined steps to replicate the issues (with appropriate information, i.e. jobs numbers, pictures, sdf files, etc).
  6. Information regarding any recent internal or configuration changes on their site.
  7. When did this happen.
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