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Alert if booking trade twice

I was asked the other day from our supervisors if we could have An alert for if you book the same trade on the same date for 2 or more different jobs, to confirm as per the “have you checked delivery notes”

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The problem with doing this on the field device is that it does not cater for jobs booked in by your other supervisors, or by other companies.

The first problem can be addressed using the trade allocation system in ClickHome to manage conflicts amongst team members. The second problem can be solved using JobFile to allow the subcontractors to propose alternative dates when there is a conflict.

I thought of that too - and that you could have a trade that has capacity with multiple gangs...

It's probably just a sanity check for the supervisor themselves - and certainly not foolproof like central trade allocation or jobfile...  

But I did think it would be a good warning (not error) for someone to go - "oh yes - I hadn't thought of that..."

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