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Happy New Year from everyone at ClickHome!

We have released version 3.2.2 - This release introduces PCI functionality, allowing your team to do all your PCI checks from the field. quickly log defects, get sign off from the client and fix issues on the go.

Please see release notes

We have released version 3.4.0

Mostly this is bug fixes with a few minor improvements.

Full release notes.

Please be advised Netregistry has had a major outage today which has an impact Australia wide, this has caused many emails not to go out.

This could have an impact on ClickHome emails and callups as well.

Please let us know if you would our help to resend some of these emails.

More information here:

We have released version 3.4.1

A number of bug fixes and improvements.

Full release notes.

We have released version 3.6.0

This release introduces the Live Workflow dashboard.

Please read the full release notes.

We have released version 3.6.1

This release is a continuation from 3.6 and has some minor bug fixes and some improvements.

Please read the full release notes.

We have released version 3.6.2 (Build 074)

This release is a continuation from 3.6 and 3.6.1.

Please read the full release notes.

We have released version 3.6.3 (Build 002)

This release is a continuation from 3.6, 3.6.1 and 3.6.2.

Please read the full release notes. Only one small issued fixed.

We have released version 3.7.0 (Build 090)

This is the a major release including our new Land module, and improvements in the installer and standard reports. It is also fully 64 bit, and a new Crystal Reports version in 64 bit to improve stability and data handling.

Please read the full release notes.

Its been a challenging week...

Yesterday we had DNS issues with JobFile and ClickHome. The problem was due to bad configuration of our domains at our DNS providers parent host, and was beyond our control. We have looked at ways of making this more reliable. This affected our support portal, website, emails to all of our domains and JobFile. Please contact support if this has impacted you, or if you have not received responses to tickets.

Over the past month we have had numerous issues with email responses from our support desk not making it to our clients. We have been following this up between Freskdesk, and clients affected trying to resolve the issue of email bounces. We were advised yesterday that Freshdesk discovered an issue with their email provider SendGrid and a patch has been applied. We will continue to monitor this.

And.. we cut over from Google GSuite to Office 365 on Monday.

We apologise if this has affected response times for support - if you have any concerns about outstanding issues, please contact the support desk by phone.

We have released version 3.8.0 (Build 068)

This is a major update to tenders module, with improvements in maintenance screens.

Please read the full release notes.

We have released version 3.8.1 (Build 022)

Full release notes here.

We have released version 3.8.3 (Build 001)

It contains a small number of fixes - read the full release notes here.